Liz's Healthy Life

Liz's Healthy Life

I'm Liz, a 26 year old mom and wife. I live with my husband and 2 year old in central Indiana, even though my heart will always be in my hometown, Pittsburgh.

I work part time and attempt to be a stay at home super mom & wife with the rest of my time. I'm also a Jesus lover, a coffee addict, and an avid reader.
(I write about the books I read here).

I'm working towards a healthier, more balanced life and, yes, still trying to lose those pregnancy pounds.

I also love to write in my free time (I know right, what free time?), and I'm a big fan of all Pittsburgh sports, especially the Steelers (and yes, even the Pirates).

Life Notes

Well, I got a new job today!!  In two weeks, I will start as a Publishing Assistant at a small, Christian publishing company, and I could not be more excited!!  It’s a full time position that pays over $2/hour more than I make now at my part time job.  And it comes with full benefits, vacation, and paid time off, etc.  Basically it’s a legit, big girl job, and I will be using my degree, which I feel awesome about, and getting into a field that I can hopefully build a career in.  I’m a little bit sad to be leaving my job at the University, just because I work with so many great people in my office, but my new office will be in a building that is literally across the street.  I’m also a little nervous because I will be going from a part-time working-mom to a full-time working-mom, but I know I can manage it!  Liam has a blast at his grandparent’s house four days a week already, and now it’ll just be five days a week instead, so I know he will be fine.  

I haven’t really been posting much because I haven’t really had much to post.  I haven’t been eating very much healthy food or counting my calories, and I haven’t been working out much either for the past couple weeks.  I lost three pounds, but I’m sure I’ve gained it right back.  WHY does losing weight have to be SO DANG HARD???  So tired of the struggle.  I’ll do really well for about 2 weeks, and then I’ll slide right back into old habits and not caring again and just gain back whatever I lost.  I’ve been struggling with these same 10 pounds for the past TWO YEARS.  I can’t seem to lose more than 10 pounds, and then I always gain it right back.  UGH.  I’m really hoping that once I get into a new routine with my new job that I can get the hang of this.  I’ll be home in the evenings a lot more since I’m planning to cut back my tutoring hours, so I’ll hopefully have more time to cook healthy dinners and workout.  In the meantime, I’m going to try and just keep squeezing in workouts when I can and keep reminding myself that just because I have a bad meal/day food-wise doesn’t mean it’s worth giving up!  

Sorry this ended up being a total mind dump.  Oh well!  Happy Monday!

This Monday has been SO weird so far.  Woke up with a headache, was super late for work, and got some very unexpected, weird news at work.  I’m ready for the weekend already!

But it’s National Coffee Day, so I thought that was a great excuse for an extra (much needed) cup.

This Monday has been SO weird so far. Woke up with a headache, was super late for work, and got some very unexpected, weird news at work. I’m ready for the weekend already!

But it’s National Coffee Day, so I thought that was a great excuse for an extra (much needed) cup.

Zumba was a total blast tonight. Pretty sure everyone noticed me taking a picture of my water bottle/toning sticks/feet before class started though. Oh well. This month’s routine includes the wobble and shake it off (can’t get enough of that song, sorry not sorry). I love it!

Consumed a GIGANTIC taco salad for dinner, and it was so good.

Doing well this week at staying within my calories! We’ll see how the weekend goes!

I’m off work tomorrow! Hooray!! Looking forward to this weekend!!

I’m reading Looking for Alaska by John Green right now. ALL THE FEELS. John Green, why do you keep doing this to me?

Weigh In

I’m not really weighing-in in any sort of consistent manner recently, but I decided (more like didn’t forget finally) to weigh myself this morning.

Previous weight (9.15.14): 203

Today’s weight (9.25.14): 201.5

Whattya know, eating better and working out really does work!

Tuesday’s accountability. It was one of those days where I constantly felt hungry no matter how much I ate. I tried to keep it healthy though, and I think I did pretty well except for a pumpkin spice latte and some microwave popcorn. Trucking right along!

Oh, Hey Monday

  • I’m having a terrible time keeping my eyes open even though I went to bed pretty early last night.  I’m definitely going to need that afternoon cup of coffee today!
  • I’m trying to kick my Starbucks habit which has gotten completely out of control.  The problem is that the cafe in the bottom of my building sells Starbucks coffee and I’m totally addicted to caffeine.  So starting today - NO extra cups while I’m at work, and I’m going to try to keep from stopping at ACTUAL Starbucks more than twice this week.
  • I’m eating a banana right now that isn’t quite ripe, but I’m hungry enough to eat it anyway.  :/
  • My food has been pretty on point today - I had multigrain cheerios with almond milk for breakfast and turkey and cheese on whole wheat and grapes for lunch.  I successfully avoided the sheet cake in the breakroom, and if I eat my planned dinner (egg/egg white, sausage, onion, maybe cheese omelette and an ezekiel english muffin) then I should end up right about 1600 for the day.  I realize that these are not the healthiest foods to eat, but I’m doing my best!
  • I’ve really been slacking on my workouts lately.  And unfortunately, my work schedule doesn’t really allow me to workout on Mondays, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  Planning on Couch to 5k or Zumba tomorrow!
  • We switched Liam to a big-boy bed this weekend and got him a potty seat so we can start potty training.  So many milestones for my little guy!
  • Trying to make this a good week even if I’m not really feeling all-in today!
  • Happy Monday!

Sooo hi.  This is me trying to get back to healthy eating and working out and trying to get back to blogging.  

This is my second week of tracking calories again on my fitness pal, and I’m down 1.5 pounds!  (Be my friend!  My username is lizflinn.)

Also, I really liked my outfit today.  I bought that shirt on Twice waay on the cheaps and it still had the Banana Republic tags on it!  (Shameless plug because everybody does it: if you want to check out Twice (it’s awesome!), let me know, and I can give you my referral link, which I believe comes with $20 off for you!)

Then, I worked out after work even though I didn’t want to.  I’m on workout 3 of week 1 of couch to 5k (for the umpteenth time), and it’s going well so far.  

Aaand I’m terrible at taking selfies.  

Now I’m home, showered, redressed, and starving.  Heading out to dinner with my hubbs on a random Tuesday night!